29 June, 2005

My first post on my blog and I may be a bit slow but this is something new and it will take time to get it organised.

These are photos of a Memory Book I made for a friends birthday.
A group of friends have a weekend away every 2nd month. At Christmas time we select 1 person to make a Birthday present for, this way we celebrate all birthdays in June and everyone gets 1 good present instead of lots of bits and pieces.

This yr I was lucky enough to get someone who really likes my dyed fabrics and who likes art quilts and being playful .

I decided to make her a memory book based on our friends and our weekends away and I had the best time doing it
and playing with fabrics, threads, beads and photos gathered over the last year.

The present was recieved with the joy that was intended in the making and now I'm ready to make a book for myself.
Enjoy the pictures of the book.

This picture of the 2nd and 3rd pages shows an all important aspect of our weekend, tea, coffee and cake. I should have added a wine glass or two, isn't hindsight a wonderful thing? And the lovely recipient of the book, 'Gorgeous' is one of those words she and I have had discussion about??

This is the 4th and 5th pages and shows some of the fun we have around the Christmas season. We are usually away the first weekend of December and we have a wonderful time decorating the house we stay in, putting up a tree and decorating it. Then one by one the presents arrive under the tree and we all become increasingly excited. Some of us more than others.

Page 6 celebrates the odd times we've dressed up for our Christmas celebrations. We've been Formally dressed with Tiaras, Angels, Santa's Helpers and the last time we had to do a party piece and dress accordingly. We do have great fun and lots of laughs and page 7 shows us all around the table really having a great time.

Our Angel weekend caused a bit of a scandal.
Where we go for our weekends is out in the country on a large acreage block that overlooks a dam and there are two houses on the block reasonably close together.
The 2nd house was rented out that weekend by a sking club who were using the dam to ski on.

A week or two after our weekend one of our group was at work and listening to a conversation about a skiers weekend away. Someones brother had been on this trip and told here the other house where they'd stayed had been occupied by Nuns or a strange Cult with people dressed in white doing odd things with candles. Now we do have a candle or 3 on the table at dinner time but the strangest thing that was done was myself pretending to be an angel - flying (or at least leaping) past the open doors out on the verandah. If a friend hadn't been there during the story telling who knows what might have continued to be told.

Page 8 - the back of the book is a big sunflower which is my way of describing just what its like going away with these wonderful friends and having a blooming great time.

In the Centre of the flower is me sitting on Santa's lap. Santa is one of our friends who dressed up in Santa gear to make our Christmas weekend really entertaining.