22 January, 2007

The 100th Birthday Quilt

I have a friend, Allyson, who often says she's having a 100th birthday party and everyone is going to be there.

I made this quilt with her in mind for a Down Under Quilts competion, the theme was 'What 100 means to you'.

Allyson now has a quilt made for that very special birthday, I'm sure I wont have the strength or motivation to make it when I'm 101.

I may give it to her before the 100th comes around, or let the anticipation build a while.
Some more bag pics

This is the latest bag I've made.
This time in shades blue, using hand dyed muslin.
I gave the first bag away to an 86yr old lady who fell in love with the Green bag Carmel made.
See previous post 07 Dec06 which has photos of the first Green bag.

Kits available for making this Blue bag here


01 January, 2007

A Walk in the Back Paddock
What is around you goes almost unnoticed until someone comes to stay and you go for a walk.
Carmel was quite taken with the colours in the trees in my back paddock and we took our cameras with us on a walk. I hope you enjoy the colours provided by nature and man.

The two on the right are one and the same, notice the bark looks like its unpealed around the bottom of the tree.

Sometimes its good to have a husband who collects things and you find them rusting in the paddock. What great colours are in this drum.
Carmels Bag Making Day
Had a great day with my friend Carmel who really liked my green bag and wanted to make one. This is a good time for me to take notes for a workshop and get someone elses input on wording so its well understood. We also took lots of pictures at different stages and really enjoyed watching the bag take shape.
There's only so much time in the day and Carmel went home with some homework to finish off her pieces then on Thursday we're getting together again to put the bag together.

I've made quite a few changes since making the first bag. It began as a small wall hanging/postcard piece that I wanted to make to use the fabric, the colours of which I really liked.