01 May, 2009

Playing with Photos

The above quilt in the State of the Art quilt 09 exhibition which is about to go on show during the first Expertise Events, Textile Festival being held in Brisbane in May.

I played with a photo in Paint Shop Pro, cropped the photo, changed the colours, printed it out using poster print 3 x 3, then used the poster as my pattern and traced pieces I wanted to use.

Now I'm playing with another photo, currently changing colours and seeing which I like. So far I'm not thrilled with any of them but thought you'd like to see what's happening so far.

This is one of the photos cropped further and I don't mind this one.
Let me know which one you like.

New Owl

Yesterday I posted an owl from my collection to another collector who lost all of hers in the Victorian Fires. It was difficult picking one of the family to send away but I did it and I really hope she likes him and he likes her.

Then today as I had fun op shopping with a friend we called in to an Antique shop and I found this little gem made in the 1960s. One went flying away and one came flying (not quite) home.