13 June, 2011

SotAq11 Exhibition

Had a wonderful time at the Textile Art Festival for 2 days looking after our State of the Art quilt 11 (SotAq11) exhibition.  

Some great comments from the viewers, all very positive and enthusiastic.  

A big thank you to Sue Dennis for sharing her expertise with the new committee members on set up day and for this photo of the workers.

25 March, 2011

SotAq11 Entries

Good news this week, my 2 entries were both selected for State of the Art quilt11, a juried exhibition by Queensland Quilters Art Quilters.
Here is a close up detail picture of each one.  You'll have to come to the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane in June to see all of the exhibition in detail.
This is Up Close 3, from a photo I took then altered using a computer program.

 This is Quilted Doodle, I've been collecting some of the doodling I do as I'm talking on the phone and this is the first one I've made into a quilt.

28 February, 2011

Lots to Do

I have a lot to do today and have decided to do it all day -
this came in the mail on Friday and I've been occupied since it arrived, managed to open it and read the covers but today I have the time to look, they were on special so I ordered 4 in one hit, only 3 arrived but I'm sure the back order one will be here by the tine I'v watched all these.