17 October, 2006

Latest Work
This piece started some time ago when I did some printing on fabric at art college.
I've finally done something with it in the hope it may go on display soon.
This was done when I learnt screen printing, haven't done any since I might add. I really liked doing this but as yet haven't got my hands on a screen (they're expensive) and life got in the way of trying something else.

09 October, 2006

Weekend Away
Another great weekend away, lots of busy ladies working on their project, some starting some finishing.
Here is a sample of what was done on the weekend. Almost like a mini quilt show when it was all spread out.

I chose a piece of fabric to work on without adding any other fabrics to.
Stitched some flower shapes and leaves and zig zagged around the outer edge.

This piece was done as a reminder of my recent holiday.
Marks left in the sand as the tide went out were quite amazing on one part of the beach, this little piece holds nice memories.

One piece of fabric for the background and the tree.
I tore narrow strips from the fabric and stitched them down to form the tree.
Then I cut little triangles for the leaves and placed them on top of threads that I'd saved and a friend had given me on the weekend.
I used a dark thread to outline stitch around the tree trunk and branches which helps it sit out a little from the background.
I think I'd like to do this again in a larger size.