28 May, 2007

Why wont things just work
This past month my card reader hasn't been working, the computer told me it wasn't working therefor I know.

So I went shopping and bought a new card reader and managed to blog some photos and catch up on my postings.

A friend rang today and asked me to take a photo of my new doonah cover and send it to her so she could see it. Taking the photo was easy.

Unfortunately thats where easy ended. The computer told me the card reader wasn't working when I tried to download the photos. Knowing the computer was right last time it didn't ring true in this instance as I was using the new, u beaut card reader, couldn't possibly be broken it was new.

I unplugged cords, card, cords again, card again, and so on, and eventually, in not a very polite way told the ==== computer it was wrong, that didn't help. In an attempt to retain some sanity I unplugged the new card reader and plugged in the old one. Futile you may think seeing it was broken and remember the computer told me it was broken, well guess what? The rotten thing worked and photo (yes, all that for 1 photo) was loaded into my folder. Promptly sent to my friend and I'm still stunned, disbelieving, and the proud owner of two card readers, one of which doesn't work, not sure which one but one of them is BROKEN. The computer said.

24 May, 2007

One of my early pieces

This piece has been hiding in a cupboard and has been hung up again.
It was made a few years ago in the early days of dyeing fabric and was the first time I tried raw edge applique.
Its good to go back and see where you've been in your quilting journey and I'm pleased that there are still old works around that still give me pleasure.

22 May, 2007

Toowoomba Outing

Our patchwork group went to visit a few quilting shops in Toowoomba Qld and we all had a great time and bought a few treasures and new equipment.
This little chook joined us for lunch and fortunately only got up on the table after lunch was finished.

15 May, 2007

Painting Play

I'm playing with paints and these are 2 of my latest pieces.

I'm excited about a trip later this year out to the desert with my husband and I think there may be a link with the upcoming trip and these painting from my head.

I'm planning to take paints on the holiday and capture some of Australias outback scenery but more importantly the colours of the sun sets.
Hope you enjoy these.
Still having camera problems so please excuse the bad photos.

My latest Work

I've been working on this piece for a while.
Sometimes things happen quickly and sometimes not so quick. This was one of the not so quick ones.
Not that it was difficult but lots happened while it was
being made and it kept getting put aside.
There's a larger version also which is still waiting to have borders added and of course will need to be quilted.
I've also made a couple of the smaller blocks into smaller pieces and at present they are being quilted.
This is my new pattern, it is already on the Pattern page of my website at www.rosdye.com.au and I'm taking orders. Pattern almost ready.
There are no kits yet because I'm not sure if I'm going to keep dyeing fabric. Shock, Horror, Gasp.
Being on tank water and very aware of the water shortage I'm thinking there's probably enough fabric out there to work with without me dyeing more. We'll have to wait and see what happens there but the thinking process has begun.

09 May, 2007

I am without a computer and for the moment working on my husbands lap top.
No access to photos to upload, Working on a bag for a birthday present. Photos later
when all is back to normal.
So hard typing on this tiny keyboard and seeing on a small screen, especially when you
have a really big screen normally.
Hopefully it wont be long before all is back to normal