28 September, 2006

Favourite Holiday Photos
I've just had 10 days holiday with dear husband and we had a wonderful time.
This is where we stayed, six klms drive up the beach. Our camp is up in the trees with a beautiful view of the ocean, sunrise, lots of walks on the beach and good fishing (for those who fish).

I did take some sewing with me, the binding got done on the quilt hanging on the chair. I still have to do the hanging sleeve ready for the Queensland Quilt Show.
Bleached Log
A tree died and fell from the hill onto the beach and has been bleached in the sun and buried in the sand as the tides wash over it.


The sky was ever changing these are some of my favourite photos

This photo on the left is not one of the best photos, I'm not really good at holding cameras still but I do like this image even a little blurry.

Image on right was left in the sand when the tide went out.

Quite spectacular is nature.

05 September, 2006

Our Visitor
This extremely cute horse 'Carlton" (better known as 'Carlton Houdini' at the moment) is visiting us for a little while until he's found a new home. He's done a good job of the grass in the back paddock, so much so that he's now getting through the old fencing around here and trimming some grass for the neighbours. Hope he gets a new home soon.
New Project
This is on my design wall at present while I think about what to do with it. At first I though a whole quilt would be good really brighten up my bedroom. Mum helped pin it to the wall while she was here for a little holiday, there were a couple of blocks she really liked and wanted to make into cushions. I'm not a cushion person but hearing someone else talking about the seperate pieces was interesting. the plan was to make it a pattern but I'm wondering if a small book with different ideas as well as a quilt layout would be another option?
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.