29 April, 2007

Raw Edge Bags

Down Under Quilts April issue has featured these bags in thier new products page.

I really enjoyed making these up and dyeing fabrics to use in them.

Kits are available on my website. www.rosdye.com.au

There's also a great feature story on Self Portrait Quilts, my Make Mine Tea is one of the quilts used in the story.

I've been remiss at writing and posting photos on my blog of late.

First there was Easter and Grandchildren staying over, lots of fun and they helped me paint the spare bedroom, at 11 and 13 they did a great job.

Then I painted the kitchen cupboards inside and out, I'm not big on fancy kitchens but needed to update so painting was the way to do it. That was messy, cupboard contents all over the dining room and laundry. Losing stuff, finding stuff, putting stuff back in cupboards and finding I had more room.

I've moved my work room upstairs out of the way, I feel like I need a break from all the sewing or at least a change in some way and as of now I'm not sure what that change is going to be or what its going to bring.

My house has been neglected for some time as I have always spent a lot of time sewing for most of my life, I feel like a change now and I'm actually enjoying the cleaning up and thowing out, the painting and rearranging, making decisions about what I need and what I can do without.

Today I felt like sewing or creating something but a family visit was planned so it didn't happen. Friends coming tomorrow for a patchwork day so I may get something done then.

I have photos in my camera to download but my cardreader isn't working and so far I have no idea whats wrong so the photos will have to wait.

This was a photo of a flower. I played with it in Paint Shop Pro and was rather pleased with the way it looked.

05 April, 2007

My second piece from the Esterita Austin workshop in Queensland. I've changed a few pieces since this photo was taken but can't download from my camera at the moment so the new photos are stuck in the camera. I enjoyed making the first piece more than I did this one.
I'm just not happy with it, Ive changed the sky and added a road going into through the buildings but it doesn't thrill me.
Newest Quilt

This is a very early stage photo of the latest piece
I've made and I'm currently working on writing
up the pattern.

Its almost finished, quilting is all done and the binding
is about to be put on.

Should have the pattern ready soon.