31 December, 2006

Red Bag Finished

I've finished sewing the red bag seen in an earlier posting. More news and photos of the bag soon.

I've had a lot of enquiries from people wanting to make the bag and have put a kit on my website.


Purchases can be made through PayPal with your bankcard, they are very secure. Or you can direct debit to my account from yours at your bank, or send me a money order.

I'm taking orders now and have quite a bit of fabric to dye to fill orders recieved so far.

18 December, 2006

Decorating for Christmas
Tis the Season, and I've got everything hung up and arranged the way I want it.
The dining room wall has had the wallhangings taken down and the Christmas ones hung. I'm liking it.
The loung room has the Santas and helpers arranged on a bench made by my DH's Uncle
The Merry Christmas was made by a friend.
The tree is just a baby but it enough for me now there are no children in the house.
Around the window in the dining room are Pot Holders that I swap with friends each Christmas. I missed a couple of years so only have 10 out of 12yrs of going away with these friends.

14 December, 2006

Thirteen Thirteen Thirteen
This was a group project when my local patchwork group was still quite young and there were a lot of new patchworkers in it.
We decided we'd make a block - School House - and swap them and make a quilt.
This is mine almost finished. The blocks joined with tree blocks, only the quilting to go.
For a long time if the number 'Thirteen' was mentioned there was a chorus of 'Thirteen Thirteen Thirteen' in the meeting room which would give us all a good laugh. It still happens now on occasions, something thats going to stay with us for a long time.

07 December, 2006

Starting another Bag

I liked the first bag I made, unfortunately it was just a little small for my needs.
This is dyed cotton fabric and I've spray basted the backing to wadding, its about 14" x 30" long.
Then I spray basted small pieces of fabric (that I'd torn into strips then cut into pieces) to the top of the wadding.
Using a Rayon thread I'm now stitching the pieces individually with the stitching going in different directions.
More later. Its going slowly as I'm making some Christmas decorations to swap at my Quilting Groups Christmas breakup.
Bag Making

I dyed some muslin fabric (not quilters muslin) which is really soft and with some torn strips, batting and a backing I made the bag seen below.