29 October, 2005

Recycled Postcard

Scraps of fabric were spread out on a plastic shopping bag. Then covered with more plastic and placed in a hoop. Twin needle stitched with the sewing machine then ironed to melt the plastic.

The white plastic bag melted more than the clear plastic bag did. The vegetable bag, used on the roof, melted more than the clear plastic bag.

Recycled cardboard on the back.

27 October, 2005

I've been painting the external doors of my house. I had dark green doors which once upon a time I liked. Now I need a change and what a change. The house is 150 feet up the driveway and the door can now be seen from the front gate. Previously there was no sign of the house through the trees, different story since the paint job. I still have to paint the door surround and then it will be time to move inside. No more cream walls.
Why the Maggies were Neglected

I had a creative workshop at home and was busy with other things.
It was a good class and Teresa, who said she couldn't draw did a great job. She was extremely happy with herself.
She did some drawings and then made a small piece using her drawings as patterns. Some practice at free machine quilting and applique and she was in her element. I really enjoy workshops when someone finds their talent and their confidence is boosted and they too enjoy the process. I guess thats what its all about.

Dying Days

What a great palette from a recent dying workshop.
Hungry Visitor
I had a workshop today and neglected my other duties. Not to be ignored the neglected came inside and perched on the lounge. Bread was used to entice her outside. Every year I feed bread and other treats to the Magpies so they can feed thier babies and this year its been a treat as she comes to the door and waits for food, flapping her wings as if saying hello. I've been painting the front door so the handles are off, the screen door is off and she came inside 3 times yesterday along with her mate on one occasion. Must get the handles back on today.
Looks to me like they have an interest in quilting?

26 October, 2005

"Its Raining"
This is the first of the postcards I made to swap with the "Aus_NZartquilters". Inspired by the rain we've had after many months of dry weather, water restrictions and dry brown crunchy grass. I've stitched down from the top with glitter thread and left the ends floating free.

Another Postcard in the mail.

"Flowers in the Rain"
Dyed fabric on the back, wool roving spread out and ironed with steam under baking paper, threads cut and scattered over the piece then free machined with glitter thread at the top and a green thread on the bottom.

I'm enjoying working with these small pieces and trying new things.