15 November, 2006

A Corner of my Garden

Queensland Quilt Show is over for this year. This is one of the quilts I had on display.
I took a photo of a corner of my garden, (the name of the quilt) and made this quilt from the photo. I made a few changes to the original photo and added a few extras, like the gum leaves hanging in the corner. I'm surrounded by gum trees and just needed a few gum leaves.
A large gum tree snapped in half during a storm last year thats why the tree trunk doesn't go to the top edge.
I bleached the lines in the plants using a tiny paint brush and was hovering at the sink ready to plunge them into water when the bleach had done what I wanted it to.
Jan Stroud's Winning Quilt
Got a photo of this quilt from a happy customer who entered it in a local show and was she thrilled when she won 1st in her category and Grand Champion of the show.
Congratulations are in order. Well done Jan.

01 November, 2006

Busy Day Cutting Out
Lots of cutting done yesterday to get strips and squares done for a fabric club to add to my website. www.rosdye.com.au
I loved playing with the fabrics and seeing all the colours and textures. A feast for the eyes. It was more fun arranging the squares for the photo, lots of trouble with my digital camera though, it just doesn't want to focus these days and I lost count of the number of photos I actually took and had to delete due to being blurry.

A Quilt Finds a Home
this is little Abbey and her new quilt, I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it. She looks snug as a bug under there.