05 December, 2007

What Fun
I had to give out a gift along with others in my Art Quilt group. What to give is always a problem for me, others seemed to know instantly what they were going to have for their parcels. While I was dyeing with a friend I suddenly thought it might be fun to play with dye and some scraps of wadding.
I also dyed string, yes string, and tied the wadding up with coloured string pieces. Everyone seemed happy with their gift (as I was with theirs) some even thought I'd been felting.
Dyed Wadding really looks lovely and I'm looking forward to playing with it some more.
I made a small bag with one of the pieces and added lots of lovely threads and some of the dyed string to decorate.

Allyson's Dyeing Day

My friend had a day playing with dyes and fixed a white skirt that had picked up some colour from something else (?) in the wash.
I'm waiting for a picture of her wearing the skirt, it looked really lovely.

What I've been working on
The orange dyed fabric has free motion quilting vase and flowers. Trying to do some whole cloth work just to see what happens. I think I need different threads so the stitching stands out more without me having to overstitch too much.

The stitchery has been going to quilting group with me for some time and is finally finished. Now to add a binding or turn it into a cushion, I'm leaning towards the cushion at the moment.

Tried my hand at painting with dyes, I'm not a painter but I'm quite happy with the way this turned out. Good fun doing free motion stitching to highlight.