20 February, 2007

Playing with Quilt Photos
This was a picture of one of my quilts.

I played with it in Paint Shop and Kaliedescoped it and this is one of the resulting images.

I've played with a lot of photos and have some really good images to use if I could only think of what to do with them.

I guess I'll have to put on the thinking cap and see what I can do.

Here's another

Off to Melbourne
I'm going to Melbourne on Friday morning to visit the Australian Quilt Convention and I'm excited.

37 Australian Art Quilters from the online Aus_NZartquilters list have a selection of their first year of Journal Quilts on display.

A journal quilt is made each month using a new technique or following a theme, the choice is the individuals. They are A4 in size, 8in x 11in.

This is one of mine that will be in the display.

Looking forward to meeting some of the people I've only comunicated with on line, in person and getting to know them a little better.