25 July, 2006

Busy Quilting

This quilt has been pinned for some time. It was made with scraps left over from trimming dyed fabric and of course left over pieces from other projects.
It is big enought for my bed, exact measurements I don't know. I'd like to get it on the bed so the quilting has begun.
How nice it would be if it was finished before the end of winter which in Queensland isn't far away.

15 July, 2006

New Design Wall
Busy time this morning making a design wall that is more useful sizewise than a quilt thats already hanging on the wall.
This is a 2mtr piece of marine carpet bought from Bunnings Hardware Store. I think it cost me $60ish.

I can't take the credit for doing the installation, here's a picture of the cheap home handyman (husband) that did most of the work. If you look closely you'll see the stacks of fabrics & containers that now have to be put in a new place. Had to move a cupboard and bookcase. The hardest part will be putting everything away.

11 July, 2006

Postcards Delivered

This weeks mail is exciting. I'm in another postcard swap and the postcards are starting to arrive.
the first one to arrive from Carolyn Minto of Canberra with an Autumn theme

the second one from Jan Cotton of NewZealand with a Winter sports theme

Present Time
Here I am unwrapping my present.
Bought for me by Lexie while she was in Devon, UK on holiday.
I asked Lexie to say hello to Devon for me while she was on her holiday as I was born there and she was thoughtful in her present buying to get some watercolours with a local Devon theme.
Also a lovely picture frame.
Giving out Presents
Our birthday weekend was a great success.
Lots of laughter and a few tears, it was all too much for the wonderful Allyson who does all the organising so we can have a stress free weekend. She really does emotional well. I think this was when the first present was opened.
Retreat Visitors
This little Joey had just had a run around in the cool morning and was about to go back to his warm bed. A very cute show early in the morning. The rest of the house was still in bed so I had this entertainment all to myself.

06 July, 2006

Raggy Hexagons
Using up flannel fabrics. Squares sewn together, layers glue basted, then the hexagons were stitched around the outer edges. All raw edges were clipped.
A good size knee rug that keeps my knees warm on cold evenings.

Double sided

Present Open
Concertina style, it will be able to sit on a shelf or be folded up.

Birthday Present
This weekend I'm going away for a retreat and we all celebrate our birthdays during this time.
Each lady gets a present specifically made for her by one of us. This is my present for a special friend and I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Discharged Fabrics

Some of the discharged fabrics pinned together.
I'll just look at them for a while, move them around and take a few more pictures until I dicide what to do with them.
They haven't been cut, just overlapped and pinned together. Next with be some cutting and playing to see what else I can do.

The Wedding Ring
This quilt began in a workshop at Beenleigh Quilters with Tutor, Pam Hill. I cant remember the year.

It was the first time I'd dyed fabric and did the colours specifically for the workshop.

Well, some yrs later it has been taken out of its box and is now spray glue basted awaiting quilting. I'm going away this weekend on retreat and I'm taking it with me to work on.

I have one other thing that I'm taking to do some work on. Hopefully I'll have uninterupted time to work on both.