21 February, 2006

Marie's Quilt

When I started dyeing fabric and designing quilt blocks the girls in my patchwork group were very supportive and participated in a block a month with me. This quilt is one of the finished ones which has a few of someone else's blocks added to make the quilt bigger. I thought Marie had done a wonderful job of the quilt and wanted to share it with everyone.

13 February, 2006

Aussie Beach Scene
When your friends make something and you just love the colour, in this case it was orange, sometimes you just have to make something too.
This piece came about for just that reason.
Right now I'm just loving orange, it cheers me up.
Painting with a big brush

Had some fun this week playing with dyes.
Getting some background pieces ready for a show.
I was using procion dye on wet and dry fabric and really liked this piece.