29 May, 2006

Fabulous Fabrics

Here are a few shots of fabrics that were painted over the weekend.

Playing with colours.

Some tree trunk fabric on right.

This butterfly is going to make someone's granddaughter very happy.

Sunsets with and without trees.
Dyeing Workshop in Chinchilla Queensland

The hall where the class was held, in the Museum grounds where old historical buildings are on display.
I'd love this hall in my back yard.

Some of the ladies having a break, you can't lose your face mask if you wear it as a party hat. Morning tea and lunch were wonderful, thankyou everyone.

At some stage there was a cyclone in the building, must have been, surely we couldnt have made this mess.
We had plenty of room to spread out and get creative, there was a riot of colourful fabric produced and lots of projects planned as the colours were produced.

23 May, 2006

'Tulip Corner'
Some tulips to stand in the corner and brighten the room. I love flowers and they brighten my day.
A preview of my newest pattern. I plan to add it to the website today.

17 May, 2006

'Whats the Point'

This quilt has been a while in the making but its finally finish. I paper pieced the stars, it was a block in QuiltPro if I remember correctly.

I shrunk the star to make it small enough to put it in place of what should have been a plain square.

The 1st border is the centre of the star and the long points.The outer border is the short points of the star.

I like the way the centre looks crooked, its an optical illusion because of the long points in the border.

Lime Green and Orange are my favourite colours at the moment.

The Title? This was Paper Pieced and I still lost a couple of points - which of course wasn't noticed until I was quilting. Its mine and I love it I guess thats all that matters. Perfectionist? Not!

14 May, 2006

This piece was made using fabric I didn't like.

The background was a practice piece that I'd painted and the browns are a colour scheme I don't tend to use.
Interesting that I really like this piece and don't mind the colours.
The background was heavily stitched so the fabric is no longer the focus.
Happy Mothers Day

To those who are Mothers
To those who have Mothers
To those who lost Mothers
To those who are going to be Mothers
I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day
Mother Sun
The background of this piece began with dividing the paper then making the piece up with fusible webbing.
The sun is shine down on the earth, there is a river flowing through the piece and trees atop the sun.
I'm drawing this up so I can make it larger. Perhaps an environmental piece to show concern for whats happening to our planet, both locally and globally.
May need a little reworking.

Playing with Colours

I'm really enjoying making small pieces.

Drawing on an A4 size piece of paper dividing it up with lines and drawing circles using the bottom of threads. this is the second one and I'm planning to do another.

Playing with colours
this is the first exercise in dividing an A4 sheet of paper. This is something I did in beginning art class, where we then had to paint the shapes that were made after the drawing. I drew circles and shapes over the the piece and made this out of fabric. I think my art teacher would like this.