27 June, 2006

Country Sampler

This is a quilt that I designed as a group project. I supplied a pattern each month for 6 months to the ladies in our patchwork group and each person made their own quilt.
This one was made up by my friend Julieanne Mathison. We pooled our scrap fabrics for this quilt and Julieanne did all the applique.
It did sit in my house for some time waiting to be quilted and finally its done. We are both pleased with it.

New Retreat

This is a close up of the view from our new retreat home. I forgot to take a photo of the house. There's plenty of room for everyone, sleeps 23 and we usually have 14. Its also 20Klm closer than the last retreat so although we have to pay more we're saving on petrol.

Pam's Quilt
Finished at last, much to Pam's relief. We all love this quilt and know how Pam loved making it. She is on a mission to make a quilt for her bed for each season, this is her Winter quilt, just in time to get it on the bed for the Australian winter.

15 June, 2006

Discharge Day

Played with bleach today and did some discharge on black fabric and some dyed fabric.

Tried putting leaves on the fabric and overspraying with bleach, not too successful, though I did like the finished results.

It was a great way

to play and experiment with small pieces to see what happened.

The challenge now is to use these fabrics together and make something

up to show them off.

11 June, 2006

On the design wall

This piece has been on the wall for some time now.
It's not something I normally do (there's no flowers) and I got to this stage and everything stopped.
I guess it's part of being comfortable working in a certain way and then doing something different and feeling slightly uncomfortable with what you're doing.
I may have to just sew it together and see what happens.
Rainy Day

I had washed some fabric and trimmed the fraied edges and had a lovely colourful pile.
I spread the fabric trimmings over a piece of fabric then with some of the brighter pieces I made some flowery shapes and gave them centres.
Then it was covered with 'washaway'and pinned around the edges to hold it all together then sewn, giving the flowers some shape and stitching down the background.
When there was enough stitching to hold everything together I washed the piece to remove the washaway.
I folded the backing fabric over the edges and topstitched around it, then trimmed the excess away.
Plenty of trimmings left to play with.