11 June, 2006

Rainy Day

I had washed some fabric and trimmed the fraied edges and had a lovely colourful pile.
I spread the fabric trimmings over a piece of fabric then with some of the brighter pieces I made some flowery shapes and gave them centres.
Then it was covered with 'washaway'and pinned around the edges to hold it all together then sewn, giving the flowers some shape and stitching down the background.
When there was enough stitching to hold everything together I washed the piece to remove the washaway.
I folded the backing fabric over the edges and topstitched around it, then trimmed the excess away.
Plenty of trimmings left to play with.


UFO Queen said...

What a wonderful present for your friend. I'm sure she'll really enjoy, touching, fondling, admiring and just owning such a lovely piece of art.
hugz - Faye

UFO Queen said...

Previous comment: - wrong subject...Sorry. Love what you have done with your trimmings and fraied pieces. Well done, Ros.