15 March, 2007

Esterita Austin Workshop

A fantastic day was had yesterday at a Queensland Quilters organised workshop with Esterita Austin who is out here doing workshops in Australia and New Zealand and I believe she's been very very busy.
This is my piece at the end of the workshop yesterday. Using Esterita 'Misty Fuse' and pattern, we fused our pieces to the background and then painted in highlights to show light and dark and let me tell you it was a great deal of fun. I'm doing the Portals workshop next week and so looking forward to it.

10 March, 2007

Greenbank Show Queensland

This weekend is our annual local show which is quite a big deal in this area.

Its also one of the biggest horse events in Sth East Queensland.

Our quilting group has been meeting for 10 years at the community centre where the show is held and to celebrate we decided to be a part of show weekend and hang some of our quilts.

Quite a few of these quilts have been made as presents for members special birthdays.

My bright one stands out a little.

In the spirit of the occasion I entered a couple of my bags and won 1st and 2nd prize, (I don't think there's actually a prize other than the ribbon)

Vicki's Blue and Yellow Birthday Quilt.

Faye's Wedding Ring Birthday Quilt

06 March, 2007

Back home after a week in Melbourne
A beautiful evening sky thought there was a storm coming but alas no rain.

How many faces can you see in the cloud

I made this bag and one of my daughters friends fell in love with it so it has a new home.