27 December, 2005

Christmas Eve Crash
My Daughter and Grandson were on their way to get some last minute shopping when someone turned across an intersection in front of them.
Fortunately they only have bruising from their seat belts and air bags. Theirs is the blue car.
They went to hospital in an ambulance and had x rays and we're glad they were not seriously hurt. Now they have no car to get around, Kirstie is on work holiday and the children on school holidays and they are going to be spending a lot of time at home.
She said yesterday that she was catching up on some reading.

We sleep over at her house Christmas Eve and have our Christmas dinner in the cool of the evening, prawns, ham, salads, desserts. Pancakes with jam and cream for breakfast.
We get to see the excitement of unwrapping presents in the morning then we go home and hide in the airconditioning and celebrate with friends and this yr visiting family Christmas Day evening.
Hope you and your families are safe this Christmas. I'm thankful that mine are only bruised.
Christmas temperatures for the last week have been from 34c - 39c (95F -102F) its humid and very opressive and the airconditioner is working overtime.

24 December, 2005

More Playing
Working with 7 shades of one colour. Light Grey to Dark Grey
Playing with Friends

I bought the book 'Color & Composition by Katie Manopust Pasquini' and have been playing with friends. We were away for a weekend and did a couple of the exercises from the book. Drawing the still life a few times then making up a journal size piece from the drawing. Not using the drawing as a pattern but free hand cutting the pieces for the applique which was quite different. This is one of the best books I've bought lately.

This piece is mine, that lovely red orangefruit, is, or was, an orange. Might need more practice at drawing.
This is Lexie's

This is Trish's

22 December, 2005

Hearts & More

This is one of my favourite wall quilts that hangs in my family room during spring and summer. It is in Patchwork & Quilting magazines Year Book for 2006 as a project. The magazine arrived in my mail box yesterday and the quilt is displayed beautifully. This is my first project for that magazine.

13 December, 2005

Decorated Bras

A group of quilters go away every 2 months for a weekend of stitching and laughing.
Last year we decided that decorated bras would be our Christmas party highlight for 2005. Lots of moaning and groaning followed and continued throughout the year, but the outcome was outstanding.
One member was diagnosed with breast cancer during the year & had surgery so the Bras turned out to be a special tribute for her.

Great weekend

Being the modest creatures they are I am only posting pictures of the bras not the ladies wearing the bras.

The Bra Bag

07 December, 2005

Another Photo

This is a photo of the two beings that share my life. Couldnt help playing with this photo and I was really happy with the way it turned out. Keep thinking there must be a quilt in one of these photos I've produced. The bigger being had just finished digging out the pad for his new shed, and the small being was a constant companion, always lying in just the wrong spot, either where the dirt was being dug from or where it was getting thrown to.

The original photo

Special Photos

I've been playing on the computer with a couple of photos and showed them to a friend last weekend. She really liked them and asked me to print them out for her. She sent me photos of them framed and hanging on her wall and now I'm wondering why I only played with them and didn't think of framing them myself.

This is the original photo before I played with it.

The second framed photo
and the original

There is one more photo thats been framed but that will have to wait until after the weekend as it is going to be a door prize for someone at our bi-monthly retreat and it may spoil it if I put it up here now.

Off shopping today to buy a new printer, scanner, copier, fax machine today. I'm excited about the prospect of another new machine to play with.