24 December, 2005

Playing with Friends

I bought the book 'Color & Composition by Katie Manopust Pasquini' and have been playing with friends. We were away for a weekend and did a couple of the exercises from the book. Drawing the still life a few times then making up a journal size piece from the drawing. Not using the drawing as a pattern but free hand cutting the pieces for the applique which was quite different. This is one of the best books I've bought lately.

This piece is mine, that lovely red orangefruit, is, or was, an orange. Might need more practice at drawing.
This is Lexie's

This is Trish's


Karoda said...

These are great! There are several of us in the blog ring working through this book. I personally cheated with the lights and shadows, opting instead to use coloured pencils and crayon.

LoieJ said...

Looks like fun!