27 December, 2005

Christmas Eve Crash
My Daughter and Grandson were on their way to get some last minute shopping when someone turned across an intersection in front of them.
Fortunately they only have bruising from their seat belts and air bags. Theirs is the blue car.
They went to hospital in an ambulance and had x rays and we're glad they were not seriously hurt. Now they have no car to get around, Kirstie is on work holiday and the children on school holidays and they are going to be spending a lot of time at home.
She said yesterday that she was catching up on some reading.

We sleep over at her house Christmas Eve and have our Christmas dinner in the cool of the evening, prawns, ham, salads, desserts. Pancakes with jam and cream for breakfast.
We get to see the excitement of unwrapping presents in the morning then we go home and hide in the airconditioning and celebrate with friends and this yr visiting family Christmas Day evening.
Hope you and your families are safe this Christmas. I'm thankful that mine are only bruised.
Christmas temperatures for the last week have been from 34c - 39c (95F -102F) its humid and very opressive and the airconditioner is working overtime.

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Elle said...

I know this is way after the fact, but I am glad to hear that your family was unharmed in the car accident.