15 July, 2006

New Design Wall
Busy time this morning making a design wall that is more useful sizewise than a quilt thats already hanging on the wall.
This is a 2mtr piece of marine carpet bought from Bunnings Hardware Store. I think it cost me $60ish.

I can't take the credit for doing the installation, here's a picture of the cheap home handyman (husband) that did most of the work. If you look closely you'll see the stacks of fabrics & containers that now have to be put in a new place. Had to move a cupboard and bookcase. The hardest part will be putting everything away.


Karoda said...

how is it attached to the wall and how thick is the carpet itself?

Maureen said...

If you'd like to send your DH over Caboolture way.........
I have a job for him!!
Must admit I never thought of marine carpet,but yes,the texture would be ideal!

Deb Geyer said...

Lovely quilt on the wall!!