01 January, 2007

A Walk in the Back Paddock
What is around you goes almost unnoticed until someone comes to stay and you go for a walk.
Carmel was quite taken with the colours in the trees in my back paddock and we took our cameras with us on a walk. I hope you enjoy the colours provided by nature and man.

The two on the right are one and the same, notice the bark looks like its unpealed around the bottom of the tree.

Sometimes its good to have a husband who collects things and you find them rusting in the paddock. What great colours are in this drum.


mazaquilt@aanet.com.au said...

Hi Ros,
Love the photo of the rusty drum. There is a technique you can use to transfer the rust to fabric. The basics :Soak the fabric in vinegar and apply to the rusty object. The rust transfers to the fabric. To halt the rust dyeing process dip fabric in salt water.

Krishna Ellis Creations said...

Love this photo and how it relates to the tree trunks