07 September, 2005


I've just had a great 2 weeks with my sister Evelyn. She lives 1200 miles away and we don't see each other often so it was a special holiday for both of us.
To finish it off well, for me that is, we both drew a picture of each other and made up a portrait which I kindly let her take home. I can make my own later.

Evelyn doesn't sew or draw and surprised herself with her finished piece. She had always wanted to draw a Giraffe which is the only reason I have one on my head.

This is my picture of Evelyn, the elephant collector.

A flower & butterfly to remember the time spent in my garden and hers when I visit her.

Hearts for love and the Sun for warmth and hope.


Caitlin said...

I love 1200 kms away from my two best freinds - when my sister died, they appointed themselves my "sisters" and i miss them sooo much! I love love love your portrait - the giraffe is faboo! and PINK elephant - oh yeah!!

Diane said...

What a wonderful sister project! And how nice of you to let HER take it home!