23 August, 2005

My how time flies, can't believe how long it's been since I last did this.

A couple of small quilty bits to share.

I've made some Artist Trading Cards to swap with the Aus_NZArtquilters list. Looking forward to getting my swap to touch and look at some wonderful techniques. These were great fun to make

What I did.

I scrunched up fabric and them ironed it to a stabaliser then free motion stitched all over it with a Rayon thread.

I then ironed loose threads to fusible webbing then ironed them to the front of my pieces. I overstitched them a little just to be sure they stay on.

Some have thicker yarn on them which I've couched down. All of them have a gum leaf

made using painted tyvek which I'd painted and heat shrunk. Fun process and I'm ready for the next swap

My self portrait done after reading the article in Quilting Arts magazine.

I used some left over pieces from the last quilt I was working on.

Friends have commented that I look Sad, might have to do another one and see if I can look a bit happier. I

personally think I'm looking pensive. Who knows.

'In a Twist'

This is a piece that started as a doodle while I was chatting on the phone. I really liked the shapes and decided to make up a small one.

I'm enjoying working with smaller pieces, it lets me play with colour without wasting too much fabric. If I don't like the way one colour looks it's easy to change it for another.

I played with 2 threads in the bobbin. The pale pink in the lower centre was thick thread in the bobbin and sewn from the back. I wish I'd used a darker thread for that but again I played and learnt something at the same time. Don't rush in, stop and check occasionally and think about whats unfolding.


Lisa Lee said...

Hi Ros,
I love your new quilts, particularly your "Self Portrait" and "In a Twist". About how big are they? Your color choices are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

PaMdora said...

I really like "in a twist." I love the contrast between the solid swirls and where you've drawn fine lines with the thread.