25 January, 2006

Play Day

Today I played a little with some soda ash soaked and dried fabric and procion dyes.
This is my work table, a little overcrowded but then you cant see the other table and shelving. The 2nd table is folded away as I wasn't planning to do a lot.
The plan was to work with the dye and paint some fabric. I mixed up manutex and added dye and the first 2 pieces were an experiment and I'll let you know how happy I am with them when they've been washed, dried and ironed. Something about that process makes them all look better.
The view from my work area is stunning at the moment, we have had an abundance of rain, for our area, and the trees have grown, full of glistening leaves. So much better than the dry, brown, dusty look of the drought.
I spread dye/manutex mix on plastic for the following 2 pieces spread it out with fingers, then the spatula (no more cakes being made here). Positioned the fabric on top and rubbed it all over with a rag, sprayed a little water over just to help fill in the white bits.
I like both of these.

The purple piece has since been overpainted with a gold colour.


FreeThinker said...

I love the colors!

Elle said...

Ooooooo! I love seeing pics of folks' dye days!