14 January, 2006

Tea for Two

What a difference a background can make.

I made up 'Two for Tea' lady, building her on baking paper first so I could try her on different backgrounds. I really love bright greens just now and so wanted to use it for the background but I wasn't happy with it. I put her on the black fabric and the difference was obvious. I wasn't happy with her face colour on black so changed it. Its not as bright as it looks in the photo, but I was happy with it.

The hair colours show up better with the different coloured face and background fabric.

The eyes too were changed, made darker as I thought they couldn't be seen well in the first one. Much better darker.

A digital camera is a great tool to have when you are playing with different colours for backgrounds etc. I take photos as I work then I can look back through them and see the changes. I can open the photos on the computer screen so I can see them together and the needed changes are sometimes obvious.

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