20 July, 2007

Owl Collection
I have a thing for Owls and I have a new cupboard to keep them in. This is a collection thats been over 20yrs in the making and makes it easier for friends to get me presents. I've had a few brought back from overseas holidays and there are several that my grandchildren collected from happy meals at MacDonalds.

I also have a new Owl (isn't he cute) made for me as a birthday present by a lovely friend.
She found this in a magazine and I can tell you it was a big effort for her as she's new to the patchwork thing.

The Puppy
Someone needs to tell this Puppy that he's no longer a small puppy that fits on a knee. I dont think he wants to know mind, happy where he is on my sons knee.

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aykayem said...

that "puppy" is cute!
... and he is not the only "lap dog" who is too big for laps - our golden retriever has been known to sit on my lap ... he also sleeps on the bed sometimes (he would probably sleep there all night except it is a waterbed and he gets too hot and leaves)... and he has a way of being able to take up half the bed - the middle half ... so we end up almost falling out of the sides!
btw ... the museum thingy looks fun - just playing with it now ;-)
... I might even put the result on my blog ... actually ... I just did that now - LOL