19 July, 2007

Painting on Fabric
After a recent workshop there was some leftover dye that was made up for painting on fabric so I had a little play.

No plan, just using up colours and being very free with large brushes. The fabric was dry and hanging on a plastic covered wall.

This was an enjoyable exercise, I'm quilting this now.

Mother Sun Shines Down

Help save the
planet. The sun
may be shining
and smiling but I'm sure there is a lot of concern out there for the state of our planet.
Lets look after it and keep the sun shining.

This piece is in the early stages.

The background is another example of playing with dye and making a background. The fabric was wet, lying on plastic, the dyes applied using paintbrushes and blobbing to do the clouds. The marks on the fabric are caused when airbubbles stop dye reaching
some parts of the fabric. I like the way the die ran up into the sky and looks like dead trees

Painting on Fabric with Fabric Paint

This piece was done using paints and small brushes.

It reminds me of a sunset I saw recently over a dam.

The paints travel well on the fabric and you don't need to use a lot of paint to get a good effect.
This was done on dry fabric and ironed to set.

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