30 November, 2005

Another Play Day

Working with friends yesterday and we had a productive yet fun day. Last week we did some playing and spread threads, yarns, rovings and fabric pieces on a foundation then covered them with light weight fabric and free motion stitched over the top anchoring everything down. Then we ironed them under baking paper to melt the light weight fabric, which melted a little. Forgot the heat gun so we could really give it some heat. We were happy with our play day. A couple of postcards were made with the pieces.
Forgot the camera that day and didn't take any photos. Yesterday we had another play day and I did take photos. Working from pictures Lexie and Trish made Journal size pieces after we did some melting of fabrics with the heat gun.

Lexie's Leaves
Our friendly photographer worked with a great photo she'd taken of leaf litter. some of the leaves are free motion stitched to give a 3D look to the piece. More stitching to come.

Trish's Beach Scene
This beach scene is looking great and I look forward to seeing it when the stitching is finished. It was fun working with limitied pallets, only choosing from the fabrics they had to hand. I love Trish's rocks at the bottom of the small hill.

This is the piece I played with using some of the pieces we melted. I placed them on a foundation, covered them with black netting then free motion stitched around and over.


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Great Ros

Tree trunk spectacular and the leaves look so realistic, they seem to curve at the edges. Have you appliqued them down or are they free standing? I haven't tried the bleaching yet.. but yesterday started on a self portrait - much to my horror my hair looks like "MacDonald" so I'm going to change the shape. But I enjoyed the play. More play, play and play I reckon. Go for it!!!