07 March, 2006

Borders Stamped

This is the border that I stamped using the newly made stamps and learning that I should plan ahead.

Once I saw the backing was showing as well as the design I used a small paint brush to paint the shapes so the backing stayed clean and the stamping went well after that.

Did I measure before I stamped? That would be a No answer.

Learning by making mistakes is the way I do it though and I'm sure I'll be able to use these pieces somewhere.

Let me know what you think. Does it matter if things are not evenly spaced?

Does the border look any good around this piece?


Dale Anne said...

Your stamps turned out great and because you squeezed the stamped images on both sides - it looks OK.
The border looks good to me!

Are you able to maybe glue a handle of some sort on the back of the stamps? What kind of surface are you stamping on underneath the fabric? Hard or soft makes a difference on what shows around the stamp.

Jane rundle said...

thats just you personalising it, looks good to me.