16 March, 2006

Quilt Label

This Label is on one of my Journal quilts, I'd forgotten to put labels on before quilting them so this one is attached with fusible webbing and a few outer stitches just in case. I took a photo of my hand and can now print it, any size I want, onto fabric. Then I iron them to the fusible and write details on it and iron it to the backing, normally before I quilt, but a lot of the time I forget to make labels and have to attach them when I remember.

How do you label your quilts?


Sarah Ann Smith said...

I clearly haven't been blogging enough! Love love love the colors of the quilts here, and Lexie's is fantastic color usage! Congrats to all!

As for labels....if the quilt is a gift, I'll do something special. Now that I'm sending quilts to shows, I make them large and legible and fairly plain. Sometimes, I do something up on the computer and print to cloth and sew on. For my Bijagos Warrior (the African guy), I printed the original photo onto the label, since I thought folks would like to see the original.

HTH! Cheers, Sarah

Nicole and Phil said...

Hi Ros, What a great label! It is such a great idea! I have never labelled a quilt...I know I am in big trouble...but I always think my handwriting is too poor, and it will spoil all my good work. One day, I may change my mind. I do keep a indepth diary with photos of all my quilts! Thanks for sharing your blog! It is great
Nicole, Berlin, Germany, (squilter)

Sandra said...

What a great idea to photograph your hand!!
My hands have a lot of texture now and the arthritis has twisted some of the fingers too so could make for interesting labels
Usually use an embroidered doiley with large space for writing relevant details.