31 March, 2006

Quilting Retreat

I'm going away with friends for the weekend, lots of sewing and eating and laughing. These weekends are good for the soul and I always have a great time, although the thought of packing (which I haven't done yet) and planning what I'm taking (almost organised) is always the hard part. Then there's packing the car and unpacking it when I get there, still, it's good to go and why I'm wasting time thinking of it as a difficult thing to do I don't know.

This is the entry to the house we stay in, doesn't it look welcoming? I'll try to get a photo of the whole house this weekend and share it. The property has just changed hands, from 'Church' owned to business property. In other words, the price has gone up and we may not be able to afford to go again. Some of the ladies have been going to this place for over 12 years and its going to be quite sad if this is our last weekend. Time to look for something new and affordable.

The house on the lower left is on the same property, opposite the house we stay in. We've stayed in this one too but prefer the layout in the other house, even though the toilets are accesible only from the outside verandah which is fine during the day but we get a bit scared in the dark of a country night.

On the right is the view behind the house, Maroon Dam (20 minutes outside Boonah) a supply of water to parts of South East Queensland and at the moment extremely short of water due to years of low water fall. One of my husbands favourite fishing haunts. We've had some good rain fall this season but not a lot has fallen in the catchment area of the dam. We're all wishing it would rain out that way and top it up.

Hope you all have a good weekend too.

My Computer is going away for the weekend too. Not with me, but to get an external hard drive fitted so I don't loose everything if something goes wrong.

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