07 March, 2006

This is my first attempt at making my own stamps.
The product I used to cut out the stamps was a little too thin. When I use the roller to spread the paint it gets on the backing and transfers to the fabric, stamp and backing that is.
I'm going to try making stamps with glue gun next.

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Caitlin said...

Ros, from my own (limited!) experience of making stamps/relief printing, I can offer two suggestions here: 1 - lighten up on the pressure around the edges of the stamp when you're printing if you can - you might find that using double sided tape to stick your stamp onto a clear plexi block (best option) or even a wood block will help you print just the stamp not the bg; 2 - if there's enough of the carving material left, try going just a teeny bit deeper around the background. You might need to glue extra rubber/lino/whatever under the back of the stamp so you can carve it more deeply and still have something to hang on to. And to get a quick and dirty look at what the printing surface will really print as - pop a sheet of paper over the stamp and scribble with a pencil - the higher areas show up right away.

Oh, and brushstrokes to get the paint/ ink on to the stamp rather than rolled on paint/ink gives a lovely texture which could be worth considering another time...

All that said, I think these are lovely shapes and really complement the work they frame.