21 April, 2006

Carmels Visit
My dear friend Carmel spent the day with me yesterday, and what a lovely day we had. Looking through magazines and books and playing with a new product. Usually our days are a frenzy of sewing doing but yesterday we had fun just talking and comparing pieces in books etc. With a little play time.
Carmel brought along this challenge she's doing to show me. It is all in pieces, and she said she wasn't feeling too happy with it and wanted to show it to me.
We laid it out on my table, the black and white pieces are sewn together then cut in strips with wavy edges. She put the coloured fabrics down and positioned the black and white strips over them and I thought it was brilliant.
I got out the digital camera and took a photo, then we re arranged the pieces and took another photo, then I took a photo on an angle. I think she could make all 3 pieces and have fun making them all.
Once she saw the photos she too thought it looked good, Sometimes it helps to see something in a different perspective and simply using the digital camera and looking at the picture helps you see something you couldn't see before.

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