21 April, 2006

Playing with Misty white Fuse
Had fun playing with this yesterday. Carmel put a piece of Misty Fuse on baking paper, then scattered pieces of thread on it. Then folded the baking paper over to cover the piece and ironed it. When cool, peeled off the paper then we sat it on variouse fabrics to see how it looked. Very happy with it and its very soft to the touch. Sewing over it next to see how it sews.

I ironed the Misty fuse to some pieces of fabric, again putting the fuse on the baking paper, placing the fabric on top and covering it with paper then ironing. It is soft to the touch and cuts well. I free hand cut some shapes and ironed them to squares.
May make up a few more pieces to go with this before I layer it and do some stitching. So far I'm very happy with how it works and I dont have to peel off paper and dispose of it.

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Kat said...

I like what you are doing with the Misty Fuse. I have just been introduced to it and it is just so different to anything else.