21 April, 2006

Little Flowers
Some people have asked how I do the little flowers shown in a previous entry so I thought I'd show you.
Firstly I folded a piece of fabric in half so I had 2 layers to sew on.
Put the fabric in the machine and pull up the bobbin thread. The 3 petals are stitched in one step but I've done them 1, 2, and 3, so you can see the positioning.
Hold the fabric taught while stitching. Try to leave a little space between the petals, stitching just beside the previous petal and always make sure the last petal has enough room to fit in, then when you cut them out they will be seperate petals on one small flower.
I don't draw the flowers first so they all look a little different.
I use a cream thread to do the outlines and then, to attach them to the quilt, I use a coloured thread to do a centre and veins on the leaves. See the previouse entry.
The back of the work
Good idea to check the bobbin tension before you start, notice the lower flowers, the first ones I did I had not checked the tension. I could have kept that hidden but I make these mistakes on purpose (thats what I'm telling you), how else could I show people what not to do?
Try some flowers and send me a photo.

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