25 April, 2006

Happy Birthday Vicki

I belong to a group in my area and each year at Christmas break up we pick a name out of the hat and thats the person we make a birthday gift for the following year. My gift was late this year because I put the piece of paper away and forgot about it until someone else had a birthday and got a present. Jogged my memory and I thought my persons birthday was coming up only to find it had passed.
I did better than the last birthday I had to make for in another group. We celebrate all the birthdays in this group on our weekend away, I lost the piece of paper with the name on it and completely forgot who I had to make for. I made a present but was a little (maybe a lot) embarassed when I told everyone I would have to go last because I didn't know who I had. Fortunately my friends saw the funny side of it. But they haven't forgotten.

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